Restore Your Broken Chairs and Cabinets

Carpentry services in Winterville & Greenville, NC

Is your furniture splintered and in pieces? Don't worry. Mr Fix-It By Kevin can take care of any furniture repair you need. We know how to put your damaged furniture back together so it's sturdy and durable. Letting damaged furniture go without repairs can be dangerous. You don't want to sit down only to have the chair fall apart beneath you. For all your repair needs, we've got you covered.

We can also take care of:

  • Trim installation
  • Trim repair
  • Molding installation
  • Molding repair
  • Cabinet repairs
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Make it easier to store supplies and food

Make it easier to store supplies and food

Broken cabinets look bad and make it difficult to store your belongings. That's why it's important to hire a skilled handyman for the cabinet repair you need. We'll fix up your cabinets so you don't have to worry.

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