Fix Damaged Drywall Right Away

Patch holes with our drywall repair in Winterville & Greenville, NC

Maybe you were hanging a picture and your hammer slipped, or maybe roughhousing got a little too rough. No matter what, you can count on Mr Fix-It By Kevin to perform the necessary drywall repairs. In addition to fixing minor damage, we can replace whole sections of drywall. Don't just keep ignoring the hole in the wall; do something about it by hiring a handyman.

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Patch over drywall damage

Patch over drywall damage

Let us take care of any drywall patching you need. We know how to properly patch and paint the holes in your walls to leave a smooth finish. You won't be able to tell there was any damage at all. We're your go-to resource when you need drywall services and sheetrock repair.

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